Shipping and Transportation

Shipping and Transportation

Customers of the complex benefit from preferential rates and transportation conditions

Unit for transportation services

In 1999, STAD differentiated its own independent unit dealing exclusively with regular transportation of full and partial shipments to destinations from Bulgaria to Germany, Italy, Benelux, Poland, Austria and everywhere in Europe and back, as well as domestic transportation. The created a year later specialized department for international and domestic freight forwarding closes the circle of our transportation services, making it practically full.

международен транспорт

Offices and warehouses in Sofia and Dupnitza

STAD has created excellent infrastructure, with offices and warehouses in Sofia and Dupnitza and with numerous business partners in Bulgaria and in Europe. The company cooperates directly with many European transport-forwarding companies, which allows us to cover the various transportation needs of our customers at any time and to react in the shortest time when there are specific needs for loading, unloading, delivery or other issues related to the transportation of goods from one point in Europe to another.

The company has 70 own 40-ton vehicle (flatbed trailers and trucks), all of which are adjusted to transport dangerous goods according to the requirements of the ADR Convention. Our trucks are equipped with all necessary permits and licenses for international transportation of goods (TIR). The security of your cargo during transportation with our trucks will be further guaranteed by our CMR insurance of goods available for each of our cars.
The coverage for a truck is EUR 300,000.

Transportation services by STAD

  • Modern cars (Euro 4 and Euro 5 by Mercedes and MAN), in excellent mechanical condition
  • Various trailers and semitrailers on air, with sizes and volume adjusted to cover any transportation needs of various types of cargo
  • Experienced and dedicated freight forwarders with perfect English, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and working knowledge of other languages
  • Highly professional drivers with many years of experience in international transport
  • Executing the transportation orders within the established period
  • Competitive prices
  • Loyalty
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Neutrality to your clients


  • Development of appropriate transport routes
  • Consultating on customs and transport regimes and limitations
  • Optimization of the stock flows
  • Full customs representation

Transportation and forwarding

  • Partial and full shipments
  • Transportation to and from Europe and to the Middle East
  • Wide selection of vehicles – board, vans, trucks, flatbed trailers, trucks for clothes, refrigerated trucks and jumbo trucks
  • Opportunity to monitor the trucks by satellite and mobile communications
  • Express transportation to and from Europe with small trucks (up to 3 tons)
  • Fast domestic transportation
  • Group transportation
  • Regular lines to and from all European countries
  • 27,000 square meters own storage space (indoor and outdoor) in Sofia and Dupnitza
  • Distribution to all destinations in Bulgaria within 48 hours after the customs clearance
  • Transit transportation
  • Professional advice by choosing a suitable transit route
  • Overload capacity in the warehouse in Sofia and the country
  • Processing of customs documents
  • Dangerous Goods (ADR)
  • Suitable trucks for all types of cargo by ADR without Class 1 and Class 7

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